Does Your Website Rank High Google, Bing and Yahoo Search?

Our proven search engine optimization (SEO) methods increase your website’s visibility!

seostuffOur proven search engine optimization (SEO) methods increase your website visibility on Google, Bing and Yahoo, so you can attract more customers and increase revenue.

When we start working with you on your SEO, we will tear into your website and its search results like nobody’s business. We will comb through the code like Sherlock Holmes to uncover and correct anything that could negatively effect your search engine ranking. Once we have your on page optimization in place, we resubmit it to the search engines for re-indexing.

These are just a few key areas that we address as part of the process:

Title Tags, Meta Tags, Page Copy, Page Title and Alt Attributes

Once you have your target keywords figured out, it’s time to start implementing them. By using keywords in your titles, Meta descriptions, page copy and even your images, you can start improving your rankings right away.

The Structure of your URLs

Even your URLs are critically important for search engine optimization. For instance, your URLs should contain real words, including your keywords, and should be structured in such a way that search engines can easily crawl your site based on your URLs alone.

Your Website Navigation Structure

Your navigation structure should be simple, consistent and organized. This is critically important not only for SEO, but also for usability and conversion optimization. Can users and search engine robots easily navigate your site? It’s no small matter.

Duplicate Copy Penalties

Duplicate copy can be SEO suicide. If you’re repeating the same content on multiple pages, or if other sites are stealing your content, you must take action to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

Backlink Quality

Backlinks are important, but it’s important to keep tabs on the pages that link back to you, ensuring that the links are still active, and that the sites linking to you do not engage in questionable activities. Bad links can hurt your own SEO value. You should also review your competitor’s backlinks to find new possible link partners and improve your search engine rankings.